Need A Shower?

Wet, Muddy, Sweaty, Salty?

The RinseKit Portable Shower is designed to get you cleaned up and ready for your next adventure!

Which Model Is Right For You? 

RiseKit POD

The new RinseKit POD is the only portable shower to have the same amount of pressure as a garden hose without and batteries or pumping. You simply connect the bib to your garden water outlet and then connect the RinseKit. Water will fill the POD and be pressurized by your house.

  • 1.75 Gallon capacity
  • Light weight & space Savings
  • Pump & Heater Compatible (1 at a time)

RiseKit PLUS

The new RinseKit Plus is larger than the POD. It holds 2 Gallons and can utilize the heater and pressure pump accessories at the same time in the closable lid. The lid is removable and can be used to stand on while showering.

  • 2 Gallon Capacity
  • Larger than POD
  • Pump & Heater Compatible (Both at same time)
  • Now INCLUDES Pressure Pump!


How To Use

Why Our Customers Love Us

Worked Great! Purchased for sole purpose of washing off after a bike ride. The size is portable, the amount of water is right and pressure last enough time to rinse off.

— Bobby E.

"The perfect size! We love the Rinse Pod! Portable and fits anywhere in the truck but has enough pressure to get your waders clean after a day of fishing! Leave the sand and slime in the parking lot not in your bathroom.

— J&J A.

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