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What people are saying

"Before I had to make several trips to the car to get everything for our day at the beach with our four children when my husband was at work. Now, it's just one! I still have the youngest in my arms, but the wagon is so easy to pull, it's not an issue. Thanks Lounge Wagon! - Ash W., Laguna Beach, CA


"We bought 3 different wagons before trying the Lounge Wagon. They either didn't hold enough, could not make it through the sand with a load or simply didn't work. The Lounge Wagon is great with the way it converts to a double-seat and umbrella… great idea. Bonus: great for our kid's sporting events too!” - Nate S. , San Diego, CA


"...amazing, I figured the seat would be uncomfortable as it looks more like a wagon...was I wrong. Good job guys, I can sit here for hours!" - Nick K., Scottsdale, AZ